Stop smoking after 25 years

Could it be wrong to stop smoking?

1. Why it may be wrong to stop smoking

I am an ex-smoker. I smoked quite heavily for over 30 years. I used to smoke 30 cigarettes per day.

I would say that is a gross understatement to say I made several attempts to quit over the years. Actually, my packing in cigs attempts were a standing joke at with my work colleagues.

It was amazing how my mind would play tricks on me.

Monday was my favourite quit smoking day. However, on Monday morning, I would think,”Oh no; I can’t quit the cigs today because I have a stressful week of work ahead of me”. Then I would think ; I will quit at the weekend when there is less stress”.

On Saturday morning, I would say to myself,”I can’t stop smoking at the weekend; I don’t want to wreck my weekend by quitting smoking; I’ve got a great idea; I’ll stop smoking on Monday so I can have fun at the weekend”.

This vicious cycle went on for years.

I have worked in Psychology. I’ve done a lot of work in the fields of anxiety and depression. In addition, I am interested in nicotine and personal development.

Finally, I developed an easy technique for quitting smoking. I mean, it was easy for me, someone who didn’t take to stopping smoking easily.

2. The Happy Ex-Smoker

I brought together my knowledge from a range of areas of psychology. I used this to develop this strategy for quitting smoking. This method is different from traditional stop smoking techniques in that it trains you to think positively and develops your psychological strength.

I have put together large group of psychological techniques that you can use as tools that may be help you. I work from the basic premise that we are all individuals. As such, each individual will require a quit smoking method that will suit them.

I will give you a range of psychological tools. You choose the tools that you feel will be helpful to you. You don’t have to use all of the tools.

You as an individual choose how you feel you can stop smoking using the best method for you. As such, it is you who is given the power to decide how you want to top smoking..

3. Kicking the smoking habit was simple for me using these ideas.

I stopped experiencing significant negative psychological feelings very early on in the program. This was totally in contrast to my previous attempts to stop using tobacco and any other nicotine products during which I had experienced psychological stress for over a week.

4. I felt positive and I manage to stop smoking using this strategy. I also noticed that, after the program, I retained that positivity.

Once I actually stopped smoking, I could use the same psychological tools to stay positive in life even when facing some difficult challenges. In general, I felt very positive. In addition, I found that when I was facing a challenge in life, I could cope very easily. I am now much more resilient to challenges having a negative effect on me. Furthermore, my positivity has improved my social life and has given me a variety of exciting opportunities in life.

5. Be good to yourself – develop your psychological strength and learn a relaxation technique.

I used a group of self-therapy style methods and a relaxation technique to stop smoking. They are easy to learn. I don’t use negative scare tactics about health to help someone to stop smoking. I work on people’s positive thoughts. Nevertheless, it is very important to know why you want to quit smoking.

6. The Happy Ex-Smoker ebook

I have written an ebook called “The Happy Ex-Smoker”. It is really important to read the whole ebook before trying to stop smoking. As you read the book, you develop the tools and the relaxation technique to stop smoking. So, your stop smoking program starts as soon as you start reading the ebook. However, you don’t physically stop smoking until after you have completed the ebook and set yourself a date to stop.

You can download the first 2 chapters of the ebook free of charge from my website


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